At ACS, we are delighted to say that we offer some of the best products in the UK and we are very proud of the companies that we work alongside. We know that you are looking for the best possible service, finish and value for money. This means we take a lot of time over the products we aim to offer and we are sure that you will love our products range as much as we do.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern or even futuristic door style, the range of Ecodoor UK products will ensure you receive what you are looking for. Security is a major aspect of these doors ensuring you combine style with functionality at your property. With the standard thickness of Ecodoor UK doors coming in at 48mm, a thickness that is around 10% thicker than the majority of doors on the market, we are sure you’ll have all of your needs and expectations met with this style of door.

With every door coming completely encapsulated within plastic door skins and with a durable plastic edge, you will never need to worry about varnishing or painting. The fact that these doors require no maintenance makes them a popular choice amongst our clients. This range of doors is available in 14 different colours and there is the option of a mobility threshold, ensuring the door is suitable for everyone.

We are able to provide a range of combination frames with the door which will ensure the look you want to create at your property is achievable.


The Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM Roofing System is the perfect choice and it is one that we are very happy to offer to our clients. At ACS, we have 25 years’ worth of experience in providing roofing solutions and we are confident that this is the best style of roofing for many of clients. This durable and reliable solution is perfect for many small roofing applicants, making this the ideal choice for many residents and home owners.


We know that patio doors, bi-folding doors and even vertical sliding sash windows are hugely popular with our clients which is why we wanted to make sure we were offering the very best in windows and doors. This is why we are delighted to offer Sliders UK products, with the company being one of the leading UK manufacturers for this style of product.

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When it comes to the finest quality windowboard systems, cladding, guttering, soffits and PVC fascias, we believe that Swish Building Products offer the very best in reliability, quality and value for money.